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  1. I learned to use earplugs my first summer in Europe. I was staying on a street in Amsterdam that had a tram line and I would have been miserable if I had not taken a friends advice and brought them.

    1. It’s amazing what a difference they can make, isn’t it? They cut down the noise to manageable levels. I find they don’t block out all sound, which is good because I sometimes need to be able to hear my alarm in the morning.

  2. I always carry earplugs – also just the basic foam type and found they come in handy, especially if I don’t exactly know where I am staying.
    Tried an eyemask at one point but found it too cumbersome and could never get comfortable. But I found that I can generally fall asleep even in light.
    And for sleeping pills I like the homeopathic type – you can’t get dependent on them plus I don’t like the idea of using chemicals. I used to have a really hard time shaking off jet lag in the past, and homeopathic stuff seemed to work well for me.

  3. Amen to all of these, though instead of sleeping pills we take Benadryl (or a generic substitute). It’s usually easy to get, and you typically don’t have to worry about being too groggy when you wake up.

      1. Yeah, it’s a cough/allergy medicine, but it definitely makes you drowsy because of the diphenhydramine. My aunt (who is a nurse in the US) told me that they use it as a sleep aid for pregnant women who can’t take traditional sleep meds as it doesn’t have the same side effects/addictive tendencies. Still probably shouldn’t be an every-night thing but less scary than some of the alternatives 🙂

  4. Very useful tips. But the sleeping pills what you mentioned, i am not convinced. Don’t you think they carry side effects? Even the ear plugs need to be strong enough, one that wont get holes with some biting by insects 🙂