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  1. Chuck Findley says:

    Couldn’t agree more about #8, the universal power adapter. Unfortunately, I didn’t think of this the first trip I made abroad, so I had to buy one overseas. It was quite pricey! Now I recommend them to all my traveling buddies, and getting one online is much cheaper!

    1. Yes Chuck, finding them online is much cheaper! We’ve linked to our favourite style on Amazon in the article.

      There are lighter options if you’re only going to be changing plugs once but as we’ve bought items with different plug styles and constantly change country, it’s important to be able to plug anything into anything.

  2. I found myself more then once without a can opener when I was starving and only had canned food. Never travelled without a pocket nife ever since 🙂 Earplugs are also high on my list of things not to forget, you can forget about sleeping when lots of people are snoring.

    1. If the security for you particular country for flying won’t let you take a pocket knife on the plane, there are a few options that don’t require you to check a bag.

      For a can opener, you can always use a P-38, which can go on the plane.

      For a bottle opener, there is a technique that involves using a shoe. You always have your shoes with you and they always go through airport security.

      Finally, for pocket knife check out the product called Utilikey. I have never had mine siezed as I think it appears as a key. I carry it for the glasses screwdriver, but have found the knife handy more than once.

  3. Great ideas, J – thanks.

    I’m not sure how that wine will taste after all that shaking, but it’ll do in a pinch!

  4. Good suggestions as ever! I’d add that I believe in the torch being a good quality wind up one.

    An iPod and a Kindle 3G (Free internet almost anywhere!) are great too, if you’re planning on taking electronic items. Also, some way of keeping notes on people you meet, places visited, experiences etc.

    1. I always feel the problem with electronics is cutting down… cables and batteries are SO heavy.

      But I must admit, I can’t imagine a city-based trip without my iPhone now. With the GPS, I’m even relying on it for short hiking trips. ~Craig

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