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  1. You should definitely come down for a bit. We’re enjoying the summer heat while many of our friends are freezing 🙂

  2. I didn’t know that Perth got a bad rap. I’ve never been but, having been to most of the rest of the country, I’m pining to get there. Thanks for the overview – I’ll be better prepared when I take that motorcycle journey across the Nullabar from the east 🙂

  3. At least you’ll know where to find a drink when you get here 🙂

    That’s one LONG and empty road. Are you doing it yourself or as part of a tour? Sounds exciting.

  4. @Beth – I guess the “bad rap” is simply sibling rivalry between the State capitals. Melbourne and Sydney both have greater populations than the whole state of Western Australia! Admittedly, Perth has grown immensely due to mineral wealth/mining in the last few years and has struggled to meet new demands from the growing population. Most visitors and travellers, however, have a ball.

  5. As a born-and-bred (temporarily-escaped, returned) Perthite, I can confirm the bad rap thing, we even say it ourselves. Things are much better now, but not too long ago we were behind in *everything* (even fashions took an extra year to come across from Sydney), and when travel was more expensive, most people a lot of people never left the state so … well, things got kinda weird. Thanks to the internet, budget airlines, mining and money, Perth’s got more cultural and normal these days.

  6. Very informative post, thank you. I agree with Amanda that Perth has come a very long way. Perth is my city of preference in Australia as it has space, the river and the sea. It also slows down over the weekend which is great that people have a life outside of the city.
    Margaret River is a hidden gem and if any one makes it all the way to Perth (the most isolated city in the world, biggest distance from another city) then Margaret River is just down the road. It has everything: wine, food, surf, culture, nature and countless attractions. Make the trip as you will only be glad you did.
    The Margaret River Guide

  7. Oh when you are born and bred on the Eastern seaboard, Perth appears to be in another country. Yet interestingly, when you leave Australia Perth and surrounding Western Australia is much closer to Indonesia and Asia. It is the perfect location to touch the shores of Australia. The weather, the culture and the isolation actually permits the state to remain independent.

  8. I was a little homesick this morning and decided to check out your Perth page, as I remembered I listened to this podcast a year ago (late podcast listener)… anyways, I read and looked and now I am fine again! Thanks for the Perth round up!

      1. We will try to be there when you return… we could show you the hidden treasures of the back streets of down town Perth… ooohwer 😀

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