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  1. Hi, Is it a good trip to go to Kunigsee and take a walk around without the long boat trip? I saw in other forum it is a long one and turns boring towards the end.. We would like to take a stroll if there is a walking track around the lake and probably take a cable car trip at grodig

      1. Hello Linda,

        Do you know when the latest bus back go Salzburg from Konigsee would be? Thank you!

  2. Hello Linda,
    Your article is wonderful. You make it sound so easy to get from the Haupbahnhof in Salzburg to the Salt Mines in Hallein. Let me make sure I have it — Board the 840 bus at the train station –40 minute ride –leave bus at Saltgewerke stop–buy tickets–see Salt Mines. We are visiting Munich Oktoberfest and would like to take the train just for the day.
    Thanks so much!
    [email protected]

  3. Hey, your article was very helpful. The detailed description of the timing, fare and route options was very informative and useful. Will surely keep in mind these tips while travelling here in the future.
    Thank you for the post.