Buenos Aires is an amazing city with lots to see and do, but at some point, you may want a respite from the crowded streets and big-city noise. There are multiple day-trip options to fit any travel style, whether you’re looking for nature or history or just a peaceful, pretty neighborhood to wander around.


Tigre is a town located north of Greater Buenos Aires and situated on the Paraná Delta. It is a perfect spot for those who are looking for a relaxing day in a natural setting.

What to see and do

The most popular way to enjoy the interconnecting streams and rivers is by boat; the cheapest option is to travel like a local on the colectivo lanchas. These long, skinny boats make stops along the water was locals need to be dropped off and picked up at their waterfront homes.

On weekends, the Puerto de Frutos hosts a crafts fair where you can purchase handmade wooden items ranging from furniture to cutting boards.

After visiting the port and taking a boat ride, check out the National Naval Museum, the Municipal Museum of Art, and the Parque de La Costa outdoor amusement park.

How to get there

Tigre is a short, cheap train ride away. Choose from the Mitre Line or the Tren de la Costa.

Photo of Tigre during a boat ride
View from a boat ride in Tigre.

San Isidro

San Isidro is a municipality in Greater Buenos Aires and one of the most affluent areas in Argentina. If you enjoy walking through beautiful, tree-lined cobblestone streets in a quiet neighborhood, this is the day trip for you.

What to see and do

The heart of the historic area in San Isidro is Plaza Mitre. The impressive neo-gothic San Isidro Cathedral overlooks the plaza and is well worth a visit.

On weekend afternoons, you will find a large crafts fair in the plaza where you can purchase hand-made leather items, wool clothing, and other unique hand-made trinkets.

This is the type of town to get lost in, wandering the streets of the historic center jutting out from Plaza Mitre. Admire the beautiful homes and appreciate the litter- and traffic-free cobblestone streets.

You can also plan your visit to coincide with an event at the popular San Isidro Hippodrome.

How to get there

Like Tigre, San Isidro is a short, cheap train ride away. Choose from the Mitre Line or the Tren de la Costa.

Photo of San Isidro Cathedral
San Isidro Cathedral is an imposing and beautiful structure.

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

If you are looking for another stamp in your passport or a quiet stroll in a colonial town, consider a day trip to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.

What to see and do

The historic quarter is the heart of Colonia, which was founded in 1680 by the Portuguese. Spend a couple of hours wandering the cobblestone streets and admiring the small, colorful buildings.

Photo of colorful wall
A pop of color in the historic section of Colonia.
Highlights in the historic quarter include:

  • the lighthouse,
  • Portón de Campo, or city gate, and
  • Iglesia Matriz, the oldest church in Uruguay.

There are also a few small museums for history lovers. Get a pass to visit all of the museums for a reasonable price.

Don’t forget to try chivito, a traditional Uruguayan dish usually served as a sandwich consisting of steak, ham, bacon, cheese, tomatoes, and fried eggs.

How to get there

Located across the river from Buenos Aires, a ferry is the easiest and most popular transportation option. Three ferry lines serve Colonia del Sacramento:  Buquebus, Seacat, and Colonia Express. Trips take either one or three hours, depending on the company and type of fare.  The ride can be a bit rough depending on the weather, so be prepared if you are prone to seasickness.

Visit our South America planning page for more about Buenos Aires and its surrounds.

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  • We didn't get to the other two but can second Stephanie's recommendation of Colonia as a day trip - such a gorgeous little place and the Uruguayans are so laid back and friendly - it's a great break from the big city of BsAs!

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    • Thanks Andrea - we definitely agree too. We spent a few days there and it was great.

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  • Craig and Linda, I'll be interested to see what other day trips you discover during your stay in Buenos Aires.

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